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The Plank


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I wanted to post this video of me doing a plank to help you correct some small errors that you might not even know you are making, but are holding you back from really experiencing the true burn of doing a proper plank!

Here's how you do it:


  • The first thing you will notice is that I pull my shoulders down out of my ears.  This is a common mistake that most of us come by honestly.  We tend to carry stress in our shoulders and that forces them up to our ears.  So lets pull them down and start engaging our posterior chain!

  • Next you will notice that I push my heels back and squeeze my glutes.  This is the second part of engaging the posterior chain.  Keep your heels back, glutes tight, and shoulders locked in.  Then draw in your midsection and you will be in perfect form.  

  • Enjoy feeling the burn of the plank!

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