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Alternating Lunge Jumps


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I love alternating lunge jumps.  They are a great way to work on power, strength and coordination in the lower body.  Because they are dynamic, they get your heart rate pumping and are a great way to add variety to lower body training.

Here's how you do it:


  • Start in a lunge position, with your arms in a 90* bend by your sides

  • Drop down into the lunge and using your arms propel yourself off of the ground  

  • While in the air, switch your legs quickly, and land in the same starting position only with your opposite leg forward

  • Try to land softly, with your knees bent, and butt back in the lunge position.  Don't let yourself land with straight legs

  • Start with 15s continuous jumping if you are a beginning and work your way up to 30s

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