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Linear Step Up Box Hop


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Agility is often something that gets overlooked in our fitness programs as we get older. 
The linear step up box hop is a great way to challenge yourself when a traditional step up is not enough. It is also a great exercise to help keep you quick and light on your feet.  

Here's How to do it


  • Pick a box that is about one foot tall. If you are taller than 6ft you may need a higher box.

  • Place one foot on top of the box, and one foot on the ground. Assume an athletic position in this stance.  Your knees should be bent and butt back, ready to absorb the shock.

  • Push off of your top foot, driving your body straight up and change legs in the air. Landing on the opposite foot.

  • Continue pushing off of your top foot, picking up speed as you go.  

  • You will know if you are pushing off your bottom foot, because your body will not travel straight up and down, you will drift backwards. 

  • If you are a beginner start with doing these continuous for 15s and if you are loking for more of a challenge try for 30s

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