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Reflections on the Current Moment

As I sit here reflecting on this truly bizarre time we are in, I can't help but try to find the silver lining. I have been experiencing a steady stream of worry for how business will go on. Will my fellow trainers and I be able to pivot enough to sustain ourselves? Half of all American jobs will be affected by Covid-19, and how are they planning on moving forward? I realize it is very easy to go down a rabbit hole of terrible "what ifs" so I have decided to try to find good inside the bad. This is a chance to explore opportunities that we otherwise would ignore. This is the time to get caught up on continuing education or to read a book that has been sitting on our nightstands for months. We must try to keep a positive outlook while maintaining distance from our "normal" every day.In that spirit here are my best tips for being stuck at home.

Exercise​-- Take the time to get to that one perfect push-up you have been working towards. Slow, steady progress daily can and will get you there. Use eccentrics, plyometrics, drop sets and try new movements! If you are confused by any of this reach out and I will guide you! I also like to employ "exercise snacks." This means if you cannot find time for one 30min workout a day, take three ten minute breaks for movement during your day. A "snack" of sorts for exercise.

Wellness​-- Take this time to try a new recipe. I don't know about you, but cooking and baking was a simple way for me to learn how to add fractions! Encourage your kids to join you, and make this time at home about bonding. If you don't have kids, FaceTime a friend or loved one and see if you can make the same recipe together via the Internet!

Health​-- Take ten minutes a day for quiet time, breathing and reflection. Meditate if that is part of your daily routine, otherwise lay down on your back, feet up on the wall, close your eyes, and spend ten minutes feeling and listening to how your body breathes. Take a step back and use the time to get home projects like closet or pantry organization done. There can be much joy in the mundane tasks. I know for me an organized home life brings great comfort to the rest of my life.

Continue to look for the joy in everyday activities! It is there, we just have to search a little harder to find it right now. Enjoy the downtime, read, let your body relax, and send messages to those you are thinking about and know we will get through this.

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