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3 Of My Non-Negotiable Lifestyle Habits

I am not someone who subscribes to a lot of fitness creeds. I find that many of the trendy fads tend to work for most people for as long as their attention span allows. This might mean smoothies at breakfast, 10,000 steps a day, or even no food after a certain time each night. If you are one of the small percentage of people who can stick to this most days of the year then bravo to you! Discipline is your middle name! But if you are one of the other 98% of people out there, don't beat yourself up about what you "should" be doing! Here are my 3 actionable steps that you can take every day to help keep you feeling good and in a healthy mindset.

  • Start your day with protein! I know there is a ton of buzz right now about getting in 30g at breakfast and 100g on the day, but how about just starting with something! I like a scoop of protein powder in my oatmeal, 2-3 scrambled or hard-boiled eggs, or even a pre-made protein shake (I like the brand Owyn) that I keep in my fridge ready to go with a piece of toast.

  • Walk after at least one meal every day! Set a time for 15 minutes and move your body after at least one meal each day. Walk around the block, do 10 squats every time you load the dishwasher, or play 15min of great music and bop around your house. Whatever you like to do, move your body, and bonus points if you can be free from tech while you do it!

  • Drink Water! I can't stress this enough, but the number of people I know who go straight to coffee or tea or a caffeine source in the morning before having a proper glass of water is outstanding! Start your day with a large glass of water and keep the hydration flowing for the rest of the day. We know too much about the performance effects of dehydration as well as the effects hydration can have on weight loss and body comp goals. So get yourself a Yeti or a Stanley if you have to and get sipping!

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