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Flaherty Fit


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Benjamin F.


San Francisco, CA

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15 reviews

I trained with Jac for 3 months and hands down it was the most toned I've been since high school :) 


Weighted vests, TRX, single leg reps were killer but, her ability to motivate you to another level is unlike anyone I've ever trained with before. 


Gotta get back in shape? This is the place.

Marjorie Q.


San Francisco, CA

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1 reviews

i have done 1 on 1 personal training with Jakki for several years.   I love my workouts with her and am stronger and more toned than I have ever been.   Jakki has a new workout for me every week and constantly mixes it up.  She introduces new moves derived from her own continuing education.  She coaches me on correct form and knows how to spur me to push my limits.  I leave tired but energized and ready to come back every time!

Lauren B.


San Francisco, CA

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4 reviews

Jakki is by far the most educated and energetic trainer I have ever been to. She is always going to different seminars to learn about what's on the cutting edge of fitness and nutrition. Because if this ever workout is customized to you and is different every time. I never get bored and I'm always excited to see Jakki and learn something new.

Jakki is warm and welcoming and she always corrects my form in a productive way without making me feel inadequate.

The studio Jakki trains at is clean and has great new equipment not offered by other gyms. She also sometimes takes the workout outside to add diversity to the workout.

I have been going to Jakki for almost 6 months and have seen great results. I've been able to tone my body without getting too bulky and still keeping a feminine build. I have also worked out with my husband as well and she really tailors her fitness plan to each person and their goals.

Sarah M.


San Francisco, CA

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6 reviews

When I'm looking for a trainer, I'm looking for someone who can guide me to better health and balance in my life! I'm also looking  for motivation and to make an impact in a 1 hour session. Jakki does all that and more! I've been training with her for years and she's not only helped me to shed a few pounds and tighten it up after the holidays, but I always leave feeling energized and positive.  Her routines are unique and creative and you will never be bored.

Jakki is a leader in the industry, constantly furthering her education. She won't brag about her resume but she has trained with and for professional athletes much of her career and has mentors and is a mentor to professionals throughout the country. You'd be lucky to train with Jakki if you can get in with her.

Patrick F.


San Francisco, CA

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7 reviews

Jakki has been training select clients for over a decade. I know because I went to college with her and she studied kinesiology and was top of her class. I've trained with her for about 6 years now off an on and she pushes me to achieve my potential. She has also trained pro athletes and actors but she is an athlete at heart and treats every client like a pro. 

Do not expect to get off easy or without investment, $ included. Jakki is the best of the best so expect to show up and get the most out of your time. 

She has an amazing studio with everything you need. And compared to cross fit, which is great if you are military grade and don't mind a risk of injury, Jakki only does safe movements with lots of warmup. She won't ever recommend exercises that put undue stress or risk on joints and body parts. You can have the challenge without a risk of injury and as a 31 year old who is trying to play sports and be a weekend warrior, I don't need a torn rotator cuff because I was throwing plates around or doing risky exercises. 

I write this review against my better judgment because Jakki just went out on her own practice and will surely blow up, leaving me without my preferred time to be with her.

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